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Horizontal Disc Grinders by Viotto

Horizontal Disc GrinderViotto Horizontal Disc Grinders are available in standard models with grinding wheel diameters from 8" - 36", and larger sizes can be built as required by the application.

Our Viotto Horizontal models are available in both single and double disc configurations, in both PLC and CNC versions, and in several different feed systems:

  • Rotary
  • Thru-Feed
  • Reciprocation/Plunge
  • Special


Our Horizontal Double Rotary (HDR) models are offered with (2) different
carrier support systems:


1) Single side support for fast and easy changeover
2) Double side support for ultimate rigidity and stock removal capability

Horizontal Disc Grinder
Horizontal Disc Grinder


Horizontal Disc Grinder
Horizontal Disc Grinder



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