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Single Axis CNC Grinders by Monza

Single Axis CNC GrinderMonza Single Axis CNC Centerless Grinders feature the FANUC Powermate I D Control with color touch screen interface for simple operator input. The CNC is capable of storing program parameters for many different part numbers and also controlling the available Constant Surface Speed (CSS) option.

The Fanuc CNC controls the combined Regulating Wheel and Work Rest slides via a brushless digital servo drive motor with encoder positioning feedback. The minimum programmable increment is 0.0001mm.

CNC cycles consist of thrufeed and infeed, with rough & finish feed rates, programmable dwell, and spark out times. Operating cycles consist of jog, single step (infeed), single cycle, and continuous cycle. Slide positioning, zero setting, touch screen and automatic size correction are also included.

The CNC is also configured to manage all plug-in optional automation and gauging products offered with the centerless grinding machines, for both thrufeed and infeed applications. Monza has it’s own dedicated Automation Division, MonVibro.

Other features on the Monza CNC 1 are:

  • All Monza Centerless Grinders have grinding wheel spindle and regulating
    spindle supported at both ends
  • Hydrodynamic Bearings on Grinding Wheel (no metal-to-metal contact)
  • (6) model sizes, with grinding wheel size from 12” diameter to 24” diameter
  • Oversized low friction linear needle bearing dresser slides
  • Low friction non-metallic dovetail feed slides
  • Automatic slide lubrication system
  • Positive constant air pressure system to protect slides from contamination
  • Full enclosure and guarding system
  • Fast and simple set-up and changeover
  • Unique “tapered wedge” blade height adjustment system
  • Built to European CE Standards

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