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CNC Grinder
CNC Grinder
CNC Grinder
  • Minimum set-up times for higher production turnaround.
  • Operator friendly, with conveniently located adjustment features.
  • Unique tapered wedge system for precise and quick blade height adjustment, eliminating spacers and shims.
  • High rigidity and stability achieved with low compact center of gravity between slides and spindle axes.
  • Hydrodynamic grinding spindle bearing system at both ends of spindle for maximum rigidity, accuracy and prolonged life.
  • Manual machines feature constant hydraulic backlash control, for precise size compensation adjustment.
  • Slides, lined with low friction, ultra-high compression non metallic material, automatically timed lubrication system and continuous, positive air pressurization system “posi-guard” eliminates contamination by coolant grinding swarf and dressing debris.
  • CNC machines with minimum input resolution of 0.0001mm.
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • Dresser slides with low friction linear guides and needle bearings for precision and accuracy.
  • Proven reliability and longevity via established and trusted design technology.
  • Variable speed regulating wheel.
  • Three types:
    • Manual
    • Single Axis CNC
    • Multi Axis CNC
  • Five sizes: 12” to 24” diameter grinding wheels.
  • Thrufeed up to 8” diameter.
  • Infeed up to 13 7/8” grind length.
  • Grinding wheel horsepower range: 10 – 60 or more.
  • Standard and customized automation systems.
  • Optional equipment including, but not limited to:
    • CSS Grinding wheel spindle control
    • Post process gauging
    • Integrated automatic wheel balancing
    • Automation systems
CNC Grinder Diagram
CNC Grinder Diagram
CNC Grinder Diagram
CNC Grinder Diagram

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