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MONZA 620 CNC 6 Twin-GripThe Monzesi Group is a dynamic, privately held company which designs, builds, sells, and services world-class precision grinding machine tools around the globe.  Our factory is located in Northern Italy near Milan, in Nova Milanese.  Our North American HQ (est. 1992) has recently relocated into a new, larger space in Pine Brook, NJ, to facilitate our continued growth.  We now have over 800 machines installed in North America.  

Monza began building centerless grinders in 1918, while Viotto was established in 1882, and so we have many decades of experience designing and building some of the highest quality, productive and accurate grinding machine tools in the world. VIOTTO 760 Electro-Spindle Version

In addition, for the North American marketplace, we exclusively represent several other world-class Italian grinding machine tool builders whose technology compliments our own.  In harmony with our own grinding experience and strength, our partners allow us to offer our customers an even more complete level of experience, technical capability, service, and single source turn-key responsibility for near every grinding application.

Our vision for the future involves continuing to add complimentary technologies and machine models to our existing base of experience, in order to give our customers an even greater competitive advantage.

Our mission for the future is for strategic, controlled growth through the continuing pursuit of innovative ideas, exceeding expectations, hiring and retaining employees and partners with the highest integrity, and offering the highest quality grinding machines to our customers at an overall value second to none.

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